Smash Repair Services in Moorooka

Smash Repair Services in Moorooka

front and bonnet damage on carBrimming with lush greenery, stunning hilltops with a view of the city skyline, and a lively multicultural vibe, Moorooka is a truly fascinating Brisbane suburb.

You can go on weekend hikes at Toohey Forest Park, explore trendy cafés and quaint boutiques at Moorvale’s shopping strip, or tour the famous Magic Mile of cars for sale along Ipswich Road.

With an abundance of activities and a friendly community, Moorooka is a lovely area to drive around in your favourite car, but be wary, as accidents can still happen.

Thankfully, we offer affordable yet quality panel beating solutions for all your auto body work at GM Smash Repairs. Our family-owned business caters to customers from all over South East Queensland. We strive to provide honest and first-rate workmanship to ensure long-term and trusted relationships with all our clients.

Our services include:


Our panel beaters have years of experience in vehicle repair and restoration. We can fix minor dents and paint scratches to major, body-damaging accidents. Whether you have chassis or steering issues, we have the proper tools to safely get your car back on the road.

rear of car damaged


spray painting bumper

We possess the relevant skills and techniques to deliver a meticulous paint job. With two full downdraft baking ovens, we can take care of everything from minor touch-ups to full re-sprays or even custom spray painting on vehicles. You can be sure that we will deliver the best treatment on your car to give it that eye-catching finish.


Welding on a broken bumper or other plastic components is an area where you don’t want to leave room for error. Our technicians are specially trained to properly fix split or cracked bumpers on your vehicle, using hot air tools and thermoplastic welding rods to efficiently repair the damage and guarantee the best condition for your car.


Having an accident or damage can be devastating for your business. No matter the type of vehicle, our experts in fleet work will be able to help you. We’ll get your cars back in perfect shape in a time-efficient and high-quality manner.


When you have an accident, don’t fret! At GM Smash Repairs, we accept all car insurance work and perform auto repairs that meet your budget and needs.


If your car has been damaged in a collision, contact us right away. Our repairers will assess the damage, investigate any other possible causes and quickly get you back on the road. We will always give you the most competitive quote at a reasonable price.


Our Toughseal Paint Protection System offers excellent protection against external elements that damage your car’s paintwork. We also recommend using Toughseal’s Car Wash Shampoo and Alloy Wheel Wax to prolong the refined appearance of your vehicle.

So before you embark on your adventures, make sure your car is in tip-top condition. Bring it over to GM Smash Repairs for any necessary pre-trip maintenance and repairs, so you can enjoy the journey without worry!

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