Facts and Tips About Side Impact Car Panel Beating

side impact car panel beating

Car accidents. They happen when we least expect them. You’re driving to work early one morning, and the car beside you suddenly switches lanes and collides with your car. 

Or maybe the other driver is too busy talking to someone on their phone while looking for a parking spot and sideswipes your car. You get out of your vehicle to examine the damage and find your side mirror is gone and your door dented. You’re lucky you came off without any injuries.

If you’ve been sideswiped recently and you need professional side impact car panel beating, then come and visit GM Smash Repairs. Our team is made up of certified and experienced panel beaters who can take on any smash repair you require.

1. Left side and right side collisions are very common

left side car smash repairs

Unfortunately, left and right side collisions happen every day all over the country. These accidents include sideswiping, T-bone collision, and angle collision. These can result in dented doors, broken windows, and more!

Whichever part of your car has been damaged after a left side or right side collision, rest assured that we can restore it to its mint condition.

2. Your car might sustain minor cosmetic damage after a side collision

repair side impact car damage

These minor cosmetic damage include a small but noticeable paint transfer, scratches, and mdents. 

Paint transfer is very easy to remedy. We just need to use a car-safe paint remover to get rid of paint transfer and we’re done.

Scratches are also easy to fix, but they can pose a bit of a challenge. Superficial scratches, like ones on the car’s clear coat, can be fixed easily. But deep scratches, such as ones that have reached the car’s primer or  metal, are going to take a bit of time to fix.

Minor dents on car doors can also be fixed at GM Smash Repairs. Just head over to our workshop and allow us to take a look at your car to assess the damage.

3. But your car can also sustain major side panel damage

Apart from injuries, your car sustaining major side panel damage is one of the worst things that can happen. Things like totally dented doors and broken windows. If you’re unlucky, you might end up with bent rims after a very bad T-bone collision or a major side-swiping incident. Finally, there’s major frame damage which is a kind of damage that can make driving in your car risky for you and your passengers.

The good news is we can conduct minor and major side panel beating for our customers. Whether you just want to have your side mirror or rear door replaced, just visit us at GM Smash Repairs for timely and professional smash repairs.  

4. The price of side impact car panel beating depends on how significant the damage is

Superficial and cosmetic side panel damage, naturally, are easier to fix and are, therefore, inexpensive. 

But bent wheels, broken glass windows, and smashed doors are another matter altogether, and they can be rather expensive. Give us a call or just drop by our shop so we can discuss side impact car panel beating rates with you.

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