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GM Smash repairs is a family owned Brisbane business which has been in operation employing local Panel Beaters for 15 years. Glenn and his team provide that extra friendly customer service you won’t get with the large multinational owned Panel Beaters.

We also offer FREE Loan Cars!

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Accidents happen. But if it’s your car that was involved in an accident, professional attention is important. At GM Smash Repairs, we provide expert spray painting and panel beating to vehicles of any size and model. We make sure to give your vehicle the tender loving care it needs to ensure it goes back to its best form and function in no time. Give us a call today, we are a family owned and operated business with loans car available.

Smash repairs Brisbane

Whether it’s a small dent or paint scratches or major bodywork that needs to be done, our team of professionals can give your car the TLC it needs. Our team of authorised insurance repairers has the right tools and experience to fix issues that may be keeping you from hitting the road.

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Smash repairs in Brisbane with experienced tradesmen

GM Smash Repairs in Brisbane are experts at repairing accident damage to your car to keep it looking and functioning at its very best. Trust in us to help you with all of your post-collision repairs – smash repair needs, paint needs, and plastic welding.

Our team of professional technicians are expertly qualified in panel beating and spray painting maintenance. The team will make sure that when your vehicle is in need of some tender loving care, you will have a reliable and efficient place to turn to for quality service and repairs – we have as much love for your car as you do.

We are conveniently located just 10km from the CBD in Moorooka and service customers from all over South East Queensland. The workshop is walking distance from public transport and we have extended opening hours to ensure the disruption to your day is minimal.


All work carried out by us is guaranteed to be completed to your satisfaction. We are authorised to carry out insurance works for many insurers, as well as offering services for:

GM Smash Repairs uses not only a highly qualified team but the best products and equipment on the market. We believe in delivering quality work on time and on budget – this is the least we can do for you following the stress of an accident.


Just had an accident? GM Smash Repairs in Brisbane are repair specialists. We pay attention to the little things to ensure that everything is back in working order as quick as possible and you’re back on the road in no time.
Call us on 0401 041 503 right now to get a free repair quote.


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Smash Repair Services in Moorooka

Brimming with lush greenery, stunning hilltops with a view of the city skyline, and a lively multicultural vibe, Moorooka is a truly fascinating Brisbane suburb. You can go on weekend hikes at Toohey Forest Park, explore trendy cafés and quaint boutiques at Moorvale’s shopping strip, or tour the famous Magic Mile of cars for sale

side impact car panel beating

Facts and Tips About Side Impact Car Panel Beating

Car accidents. They happen when we least expect them. You’re driving to work early one morning, and the car beside you suddenly switches lanes and collides with your car.  Or maybe the other driver is too busy talking to someone on their phone while looking for a parking spot and sideswipes your car. You get

car bumper repairs

4 Facts About Car Bumper Repairs

Did you know that front bumpers are some of the most commonly damaged parts of an automobile? These damages can range from light, barely there scratches to big, noticeable dents. Then there are massive dents, holes, and cracks that really make your car look ugly. Some collisions can put your front bumper out of commission

No matter how we take care of our vehicles, incidents seem inevitable. Whether it’s a road collision or an object as inconspicuous as a tree branch falling on your windshield, cars can get damaged in one form or another. This is why it’s important to know how to keep calm and collected in the heat of the moment, and know the exact steps to get the professional car repair services that you need.

When getting your car fixed, it’s important to know that where you get your car repair services is just as important as the type of repair that needs to be done. Choose professionals who have the skills, license, and equipment to restore your vehicle to its best state.

Each type of car repair or repaint work needs competent professional skills to be done properly. And more often than not, each car model demands a specially crafted series of procedures to be effectively fixed. The panel beaters you choose must, therefore, be able to pinpoint what type of repairs need to be done on your car, and know exactly how to do them.


Road collisions can easily turn into an ugly mess. Vehicle damage can range from a slight bump on your fenders to massive engine damage that requires a professional fix. In the case of car collisions, prioritize your physical health and give careful consideration as to who you turn to for car fixes.

If you’re living in Brisbane, there are many smash repair shops that offer high-quality car repair services. But among these shops, make sure to choose panel beaters who have the proper license and a long-standing reputation of providing exceptional work.

At GM Smash Repairs we have a team of qualified panel beaters who specialise in smash repair services for all types of vehicles. We can work on your vehicle and restore it to its factory state.

Whether your car needs expert panel beating, chassis repairs, or wheel repairs we guarantee to give it the professional care it needs to restore its former glory.


A well-painted car is one that looks brand new and well-maintained. Whether you need total repainting to give your car a fresh new look, or partial painting to repair areas that need paint reinforcement, we can give it to you.

We offer to touch up jobs, partial and total respraying, and custom paint job to cover all your car spray painting needs. We use 2 Pac automotive paint that is expertly utilised to ensure a good amount of coat and perfect finish.

We also have two full downdraft baking ovens in our workshop to ensure that whatever the weather, your car paint will come out looking brand new. If you’re looking for a highly personalised look for your car, you can get custom spray painting from us. This way, you can guarantee that your vehicle will look unique and stand out on the road.


At GM Smash Repairs, we also offer high-quality plastic welding services that guarantee that any cracks or damages on the surface of your car are properly fixed. We have high-quality plastic products that are maneuvered by the expert hands of the specialists in our team.

We use hot air tools and thermoplastic welding rods to ensure that the plastic is smoothly incorporated in your car’s surface. Whether you’re looking to fix your bumper or panels, our team will ensure that your car comes out in the same physical and internal state as it was when it was released from the factory.


At GM Smash Repair, you can rest assured that your car receives the expert care it needs. Our licensed panel beaters and spray painters use high-quality products and the best equipment to ensure that we deliver the best results possible.

Our team is made up of experts in panel beating who carries years of experience in car spray painting and repair. We can tend to damages of various degrees, whether it’s a small dent or a major post-collision that demands professional fixing.

Apart from that, we also offer insurance panel beating repairs for car collisions and other incidents. Simply ask your insurance company the requirements needed for you to get the pre-requisites for you to get a claim. We’ll make sure to give your car professional care to get you back on the road.

Apart from our smash repairs, spray painting, and plastic welding, we also cater to smaller car repairs. Our team is made up of experts in welding and metalwork but can also carry out basic jobs such as changing oil or re-torquing the tires of your vehicle. We can also do inspections and run diagnostic services should these services be needed.


We understand that getting high-quality repairs are often associated with a high price. But at GM Smash Repairs, we want to make getting top-notch car repair easier for every car owner. We work by not only using high-quality materials and equipment but also with intuitive customer care and high-caliber workmanship.

When working with us, you can expect transparency and proper communication. We won’t corner you into working with us, but rather provide you with repair options that will help you create better decisions for your vehicle. Each service will also come at a reasonable cost, so you won’t have to worry much about the expense.

We will take care of your vehicle as if it were our own. We will let you know its needs and requirements to get it running on the road again. We also make sure to craft steps for repair according to your car model to ensure that the repairs are properly done.

Car care and maintenance are important to ensure the durability of the vehicle. When your car is properly taken care of, you’ll have a bigger chance of enjoying it for longer with friends and family. By getting high-quality professional car care and repair from us, you get to ensure the longevity of your car and the most value for your money.