4 Facts About Car Bumper Repairs

Did you know that front bumpers are some of the most commonly damaged parts of an automobile? These damages can range from light, barely there scratches to big, noticeable dents. Then there are massive dents, holes, and cracks that really make your car look ugly. Some collisions can put your front bumper out of commission altogether.

If you’re looking for information about car bumper repairs, then check out some facts about this essential automobile repair service below.

car bumper repairs

1. Repairing car bumpers is easy

Can car bumpers be repaired? The short answer is yes, of course depending on how much damage there is obviously!

Some old cars that have metal bumpers are not so easy to fix, most vehicle bumpers today though are made of plastics or fiberglass composite. These materials do not easily buckle under impact; they are also amazingly resilient and easy to fix.

And that’s the beauty of it. You can bring a car with a scratched, dented, or smashed bumper to us and we can restore it if it’s not too damaged to the way it was before you had your little mishap during rush hour or while you were running some errands.

2. We fix all types of bumper damage

car bumper paint transfer damageThe first step to fixing a damaged vehicle bumper is to check the extent of the damage. During this stage, we’ll let you know if the damage is light or extensive, and how many hours or days we can restore your bumper.

Let’s talk about minor bumper damages. The most common minor damage is paint transfer and this is the easiest one to repair. All we need to do is apply a car-safe solvent or paint cleaner and we’re all done. You don’t even have to wait a few hours to get your car on the road again.

Hcrack in plastic car bumperave a dented bumper? The first crucial step is to head over to GM Smash Repairs immediately to prevent the damage from becoming harder to repair. The good news is restoring a slightly or moderately dented bumper is easier than one would think.

All we need to do is use a heat gun or pop the dented area gently until it comes back to its original shape. If there’s a hole in the bumper, our professional auto detailers will apply fillers and plastic adhesives until your bumper is restored.

3. Repainting is a crucial part of the process

Scratched and dented bumpers with significant paint damage will be repainted. We’ll start by sanding the damaged part of the bumper before applying plastic primer. Next, we’ll paint the area with automotive paint similar to your bumper’s colour and add a clear coat to protect it.

4. The cost of fixing a damaged front bumper

How much does it cost to fix a damaged bumper?

The answer is that it depends on how light or how extensive the damage is. Other factors that come into play include the amount of time we’re going to spend fixing the damage, the type of materials we’re going to use, etc.

We recommend that you drive over to GM Smash Repairs to learn how much it’s going to cost you to have your broken car bumper fixed.

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