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We know the inconvenience and sometimes pain that goes with having an accident in your vehicle. If you are looking for experts in panel beating to get your car back on the road, then rest assured GM Smash Repairs is the right place. They are a one-stop-shop with the tools and expertise needed to repair your vehicle and get it looking and running its absolute best, especially after having experienced post-collision or general damage.

Our team of panel beaters are exceptionally dedicated, with years of experience in panel beating and spray painting work under their belts. Here are our specialised services:

1.Smash Repairs

No matter what you need to return your vehicle to its factory state, we can do it. Whether it’s having its bumper scuffs fixed, paintwork scratches removed or dents repaired, we have got you covered.

We do chassis repairs and suspension repairs at reasonable prices. If you’ve noticed your wheels have been damaged or the steering is off. We can assist you with a proper assessment to make sure everything is ready.

2.Spray Painting

You can trust our experienced spray painting team to deliver a quality spray painting job done right the first time giving you the ultimate finish. Our spray painting services include touch up jobs, partial and total respraying and custom paint jobs if you’d like something more personalised or totally pimp your ride. We are equipped and experienced to deliver your dream look.

At our workshop in Moorooka, you will find our two full downdraft baking ovens to ensure that your spray paint finish is perfect despite whatever weather we’re having. Our team’s expertise is 2 Pac automotive paint, with a finishing technique we have mastered and know how to treat so that it is safe and delivers the best results.

3.Paint Protection

After a good paint job, you’ll need to seal it in to protect it from outdoor factors such as UV rays, colour fading, and harmful environmental elements. Our tried and tested technique is to follow a strict two-step protection system that uses Nanotech Acryloplexin cross-linking acrylic formulation that uses durable PTFE in the formula.

We do pre-treatment before adding on an acrylic sealant using the Toughseal Paint Protection Systems, taking full advantage of the elasticity of a hydrophobic film that keeps your car paint protected, preserving the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your car paint.

This is then best complemented with a car wash shampoo to ensure a high gloss showroom-level finish and to enhance the protective functions of the sealing. We can also do an alloy wheel wax to help keep your wheels clean and protected from dirt.

4.Plastic Welding

We are basically a one-stop-shop when it comes to plastic welding. Having worked with a range of plastic products, we can fix pretty much any car issue using both hot air tools and thermoplastic welding rods to seamlessly weld plastics. Whether it’s your bumper and panels that have been cracked or a split in your pipeline, we are equipped with the tools to help get your car, motorbike or boat back in shape.

5.Fleet Work

If it so happens that it’s your business, government or organisation vehicle that has been damaged, know that we have also worked on this sort of thing. Whether it’s a rental, taxicab, or even a bus, our professionals are just a call away to let you know about the procedures involved with the fleet work we offer.

6.Private Repairs

Now we know that it hurts our wallets to have a car fixed, but at GM Smash repairs we keep our prices as affordable as possible. So if you are in need of private repairs, you can get back to the road asap. We make sure every customer experience is as stress-free as possible.


Lastly, to further lessen a load of financial costs, if you happen to have approved insurance for auto-repairs, know that we are proud to say that we accept all types of insurance work.

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