How to Find Your Paint Code to Colour Match

In a perfect world, your car never has to be repainted. But minor accidents happen every day, including sideswiping or striking a post or a wall, both of which can result in unsightly scratches or dents. Even if it’s a minor scratch or scuff, you still know that it’s there and you want to have it painted as soon as possible. You’re ready to have it resprayed, but the only problem is you don’t know what your vehicle’s paint code is or where it is even located. You can’t just head over to any Brisbane body shop and say that you want it painted red or black or silver as there are so many variations of these colours being used by car manufacturers. You have to know the vehicle’s paint code to colour match it.

If you’re looking for a reliable car respray service and want to know your vehicle’s paint code, then let GM Smash Repairs help you to find it. Let’s get started!

How to find your paint code to colour match in Brisbane

Check your car's manual

The easiest way to check your car’s paint code is to look for it in the manual it came with. In case you’ve thrown it away or you bought a second-hand car that doesn’t come with a manual, then the simple solution is to look for it online.

Check the vehicle information sticker

All cars manufactured in the 1980s and beyond come with a sticker where all the most important information regarding that product is typed out. But finding it can be tricky as manufacturers love playing hide-and-seek with the car owner when it comes to this sticker.

There are some cars where the information sticker is located on the vehicle’s dashboard or the boot. It can also be located inside the vehicle’s door jamb or the door on the driver’s side. In some models, this sticker or metal plate is located under the hood near the engine bay. If you’ve searched high and low and you can’t still find the sticker, then it might be hidden in the vehicle’s rear wheel well.

Check the vehicle information number

If the car information sticker has been removed or if you have an older car and the information has faded, then check out the vehicle information number or VIN. The VIN is an alphanumeric code unique to the car’s make and model. A typical VIN includes information such as the country where the car was built, the manufacturer’s code, the car’s make, the restraint system, and the series. The car’s body type, the engine type, the model year, plant code, and other information are also included.

You can find this code on the dashboard on the driver’s side. Some manufacturers choose to put the VIN on the door post, and you can also find them on the car’s insurance papers or the title (if you have it).

So how can you use the VIN to determine your paint code for car respray? Simply give your car dealership a call or send an email to the vehicle manufacturer so their staff can determine the paint code using the VIN.

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