Insurer Preferred or Choice of Repairer?

It’s in our nature as human beings to always want to do the right thing. This is why when we end up getting into trouble with our automobiles whether an accident or a pranged car, we make it a point to call our insurers immediately. This is because we know they will take care of the damage for us by providing the best information and advice on panel beaters.

The problem with this is that more than we would like to think, that belief is mistaken. You can’t really rely on them to get you the best panel beaters because oftentimes they swiftly arrange for a panel beater remedy at their convenience. So you can’t really be sure you’re getting the right, competent solution for your problem.

This doesn’t just put your vehicle at risk, but also you. This is why it’s best to look into your car insurance policies. Oftentimes, they give you the option of selecting your own panel beaters or instead would force you to go with an insurer preferred repairer. Below, we will state our reasons to further shed light on why you should definitely seek out a smash repairer that works for you and how to do it:

Car panel beaters repair


1.Make sure your policy allows you to choose a repairer

Insurance preferred repairers are most likely the default repairers, this means they’re probably handling a lot of smashes and might even take a while to get your automobile fixed. While this is definitely the option to be recommended by your insurer, it’s important to mention right off the bat that you would like the option to choose another smash repairer if your policy gives you a ‘choice of repairer’.

2.Finding the best panel beater for your situation isn’t as hard as you think.1.Make sure your policy allows you to choose a repairer

The reason people often opt for insurance preferred repairers is that the thought of looking for a specific smash repairer seems like a daunting task. It doesn’t take extra effort at all, in fact, by hiring a good smash repairer may mean you get your car back quicker.

3.Preferred repairer does not mean great service

Oftentimes, insurance providers have preferred repairers because of internal agreements they abide by that could include lessened repaired costs and ensured workflows. While this is great for them and makes their agreement a win-win situation for both parties, you lose in this equation. As a customer getting cheaper repairs and shorter timeframe for services, you can’t be assured to receive the best parts or high-quality work.

The standard of work needed, the attention and focus your car would deserve, may not be met and could only put you at risk again. Therefore, in this specific situation, while it may seem like an easier process, you gain no long-term benefit.

4.Do what’s best for your vehicle

The numbers prove these claims to be true as there have been numerous cases in recent years that suggest that an insurance industry’s preferred repairer may have agreements that have led to poor repair work. You and your car deserve better so do what is best for it and don’t put it in the hands of professionals only willing to do second-rate services to make more money. Instead, look for a trusted smash repairer who can properly advise you.

5.Go to your panel beater first

If you already have a dedicated smash repairer in mind, who you can trust to do great servicing to your vehicle and provide you with dedicated customer service that is incomparable then go to them. Expert smash repairers understand the frustration and stress that comes with a crash and are more than willing to dedicate the necessary effort needed to get your car back in its best condition. In fact, they may even throw in some extra perks, and perhaps even add in an accident replacement vehicle to use in the meantime, or even give your car a complimentary car wash.

6.Choose your car insurance policy wisely

We understand that it can be tiring to read through an entire insurance policy but to secure yourself and your vehicle, make sure that the option to ‘choose your repairer’ is given. That means that if you have the misfortune of getting into a smash or accident, you can contact your repairer of choice to get a personalised quote and advice on next steps.

For example, specialist smash repairers, and many more, have dealt with Australia’s premium car insurance providers therefore you wouldn’t need to worry about a thing.

If you don’t have the time or lack a better understanding of your car insurance policy, always check the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). This is where you will find the outline on whether you have the option of getting your own repairer in the event of an accident.

If you notice that your policy includes this option, then you should be entitled to choose your preferred mechanic and confidently reject the insurer’s preferred repairer without reason.

A lot of times, people may tend to forget this important clause but again, we cannot emphasise the importance of it enough. You should have the right to choose the repairer you want.

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